Charlie's Pack

One of the biggest challenges of owning a pet is figuring out what they need. After all, its not like they can just say “Hello, I’ve got arthritis in my left knee. I’d like to schedule a time to consult with a physician.”

Charlie Boy realized that he’s got plenty of buddies who have the different ailments pets can encounter. Each member of Charlie’s Pack has a different reason for using our pet wellness products.

Maybe your pet has similar issues and can relate to the symptoms and possible benefits of using Charlie Boy.

Charlie Boys Pack 3

Beans - The Pup

Beans may only be 2 but he’s taking Charlie Boy to keep him healthy for the long run. Starting CBD early helps Beans stay healthy and happy for years to come.

His daily dose of Charlie Boy Tincture helps keep him healthy for the long run. Any of the ailments he might encounter as he gets older, are either postponed onset or non-existent. Either way he’s going to be healthy for quite some time!

Bullet - The Anxious One

Bullet was a police dog for most of his life. Now that he’s retired he struggles to leave his old job behind. Constantly alert and worried about his humans well being he’s a nervous wreck.

Taking a daily dose of Charlie Boy Tincture he’s able to minimize his anxiety and help with some other issues. Like any hard working dog he’s got some long term injuries and aches. CBD helps him feel more comfortable with both his body and mind.

Studio shot of police canine unit dressed in police uniform against dark background.
Mardi Gras dog looking at camera while his owner is putting a crown on his head.

Princess - The Cranky One

Normally a good girl she has a bunch of kids who take play time too far, so she’s kind of grouchy a lot. Its not her fault, the kids don’t realize she’s delicate and haven’t learned to play “nice” yet.

Every day she looks forward to her Charlie Boy Tincture dosing. She’s always crabby because she’s always on guard. With CBD she can relax a bit and ease into the situation a bit more forgiving.

Daisy - The Timid One

Daisy is a rescue who had a rough go with her previous humans. She’s super afraid of the world around her and people she doesn’t know yet.

With her daily dose of Charlie Boy Tincture she’s able to more comfortable in her new home. While the trauma of her previous life may always be with her, she’s better equipped to feel more at home now.

Man stroking his old dog during autumn sunny day. Loyal labrador retriever looking up to his owner.
This old dog has no new tricks

Rufus - The Old Man

Rufus is a good boy who’s been around for a while. He’s got arthritis and isn’t as active as he once was because of it.

He’s got the “old man” aches and pains we all get in life. His daily dose of Charlie Boy Tincture helps him feel less stiff and sore. Now he’s able to enjoy his favorite things…other than just napping all day.

Nacho - The Hyper One

Nacho can’t help it, he’s a ball of energy! He just wants to party all the time and it can get him in trouble. He’s just a big party animal who’s excited to meet people, play with things, and just goes from 0 – 100 at all times!

When he finally stays still long enough he gets a daily dose of Charlie Boy Tincture. The CBD helps him feel more “normal” and generally less excited. Over time the dosing will help him realize how to behave better.

beautiful black labrador having fun in the snow with happy and crazy face, enjoying nature. Winter season. pets outdoors