Charlie Boy Pet Tincture has been carefully formulated to provide the best benefits of CBD in a clean, effective, and safe way. Harness the benefits of CBD drop by drop to alleviate your pups symptoms.

The all natural ingredients have a cumulative effect in your pets body that help them deal with their symptoms long term.

For the time being CBD is an herbal supplement and therefore no claims to its medical advocacy can be made. However, dogs and humans share an endocannabinoid system which responds to CBD treatments.

Charlie Approved


Depression is heartbreaking for people and dogs alike. Dogs that suffer from depression are working through the emotional and biochemical effects of loss. (typically) Much like CBD in humans the compounds found in hemp can help bring some light back to the darkness of depression.


If your dog begins to worry when you head out for the day, follows you around the house, looks at you long fully when you get ready, or even destroys your hose when you’re gone. You may be dealing with anxiety in your pet.


Dogs can get Arthritis just like humans. Its part of getting older and its tough to watch your playful buddy slowing down. Much like humans, the use of CBD is helping alleviate some the stiffness in joints and can bring back some mobility.

Inflammatory Problems

Sometimes dogs can have problems with inflammation. This can range from injuries they incur while playing, age, chronic problems, or even recovering from injuries or sickness. Regardless of the cause, CBD helps millions of people and pets around the world lessen the symptoms of inflammation.

Appetite Issues

If you’re dog isn’t eating like they used to or not as much as they used to, there may be something going on. When dogs don’t eat there are a multitude of underlying issues that can be the cause. Sometimes, these symptoms are a subtle change in their biochemistry. Using Charlie Boy’s Tincture can help bring back their appetite.

Injury Pain

Just like people, if your dog has an injury it can throw them off their game. CBD can help ease the pain, accelerate the healing process, and reduce the inflammation of the affected area.

Bowel Disease

If your dog has unusual bowel movements (for a prolonged period of time) it could be a sign of bowel disease. Just like humans if something is “off” in your gut it can cause you to have irregular movements. Using Charlie Boy’s Tincture can help regulate the beneficial chemistry and micro organisms inside your pets digestive track.


Seizures are just as scary for the pets as they are for the people who love them. CBD has shown signs of minimizing the duration and severity of seizures in people. Unlike people, pets don’t understand what just happened so mitigating the effects of seizures can be a game changer.