Brandon Bailey (The Human)

Dutch Brothers Tincture 1000mg

Often times Brandon gets asked if he’s “really dutch” and the answer is yes he is. He was born in Voorthuizen Holland and came to the US with his family when he was a teen.

Going from Holland to Texas was a bit of a culture shock, but he found his new home in the states. After a few years of college he enlisted in the military.

Brandon’s journey with hemp is the result of a close friend introducing him to Disc Golf and Hemp (CBD). The timing was perfect as he was battling addiction and maintaining sobriety.

His friend moved and wasn’t able to take his dog with him. So, Charlie stayed with Brandon and they became life long friends.

Brandon, realizing Charlie was perfect for it, he got Charlie certified as a support animal. Part of their collective healing was to visit children’s hospitals and even the YMCA.

The healing they experienced working with kids battling cancer was the start of Charlie Boy Pet Wellness and Dutch Brothers.

Now, Brandon is a huge advocate for natural wellness products that benefit the lives of anyone they run across.

Charlie Boy (The Dog)

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Charlie was originally a rescue dog from Las Cruces New Mexico. His original human took him in and instantly loved him. She met a man and they got married so Charlies family grew.

Over the course of time Charlie met Brandon through Disc Golf. Every time Charlie saw Brandon he’d magnate to him. In a way…Charlie chose Brandon as his human.

When Charlies family grew with a baby, Charlie stepped up to protect his family. He was super protective of his “pack” and the only person he included in his family was Brandon.

Eventually, when they had to move they made the choice to leave Charlie with Brandon. The two were inseparable anyway and they were perfect for each other.

Brandon and Charlie spent their time together helping people and healing people around them who needed it with their positive energies.

Charlie Boy Pet Wellness started in 2018 to help treat Charlie’s ailments as an older dog. He had a long and happy life and the CBD helped him in his last days. Ultimately, Charlie passed on Oct 23rd 2019 and his legacy carries on with Charlie Boy Pet Wellness.